Why Wills & Estate Planning Is Never Simple

10 April 2017

“My Will is simple.”

Every day we come across clients who assume their Will is simple.

This most commonly happens when a person doesn’t own a lot of different types of assets or they assume everything they own will automatically go to their partner or spouse.

While the complexity of Wills varies greatly, they are very rarely simple.

Every situation is unique

Whose family and personal circumstances are simple these days?

These days many Wills must account for blended families or dependents requiring specific provisions.

Managing different types of assets or if you’re a business owner, also requires a more complex Will, and certain expertise and knowledge.

The facts are that many of us have complex situations that need a little extra care to be taken.

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What next?

A well thought-out and executed estate plan and high quality Will can help avoid the potential of future disputes or claims on an estate.

It’s important to speak to qualified Wills and Estate professional such as Gill & Lane Solicitors for advice.