Wills & Powers of Attorney

Let’s create an estate plan that is right for you (and your family).

What is important to you? Keeping your wealth within your family? Protecting your child’s inheritance from a future divorce or separation? Or maybe you just want to save on tax?

Estate planning is more than just a will. We specialise in estate planning and can help you tailor your will to your wishes and your beneficiaries’ circumstances, as well as give you expert advice on what other documents or strategies will achieve your objectives.

At Gill and Lane, we are well known for our expertise, professionalism and attention to detail, and understand the advantages of having a robust estate plan. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing your affairs are in order and your loved ones can focus on what is important, rather than having to worry about complications that come with unsuitable (or no) planning.

As part of your estate planning, we can also help you prepare an enduring power of attorney. Without this, your financial and personal affairs may not be dealt with in the way you would like, and by whom you would like, if you were to become temporarily or permanently unable to make decisions for yourself.

Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney

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