Billions or Not…Estate Disputes Can and Do Happen

13 March 2017

It doesn’t take billions or even millions of dollars of dollars for conflict to occur between family members.

When it comes to Wills and Estates disputes can occur over many things.

It’s not unusual for family members to disagree over relatively small amounts of money or even sentimental items.

Disputes can also occur when a person hasn’t effectively communicated their wishes with family members.

Or in the case of the rich and famous, the difference of a million or billion dollars can spark lengthy and bitter legal proceedings.

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What next?

A well thought-out and executed estate plan and high quality Will can help avoid the potential of future disputes or claims on an estate.

It’s important to speak to qualified Wills and Estate professional such as Gill & Lane Solicitors for advice.

You can also speak to your estate planning lawyer if you wish to defend or make a claim on an estate.